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World Connect® Consulting Services

The cost and expertise needed to support the requirements of even small organizations can often be confusing and possibly intimidating.

Every organization has the following operational areas to contend with daily:

- Security
- Internet
- email/Groupware
- Database Support
- Desktop Support
- Electronic Communications
- Telephony Support

World Connect® Consulting Services provides a one-stop solutions location for your organization.

The economy is in transition and so is the entire technology sector given the downturn in the technology market over the past couple of years. Organizations need to not only push forward on their goals and objectives but also try to keep abreast of all new technologies, technologies on the way out and not being supported, products that may not meet their technology plans going forward and many, many other issues.

That is where World Connect® Consulting Services comes in to assist. We provide the information, people and knowledge to compliment what your organization is able to do itself.

As small to medium sized companies make up one of the most dynamic sectors of today's economy they continue to need cutting edge specialized skills to help them grow while lowering their IT cost structure. In many cases companies cannot justify the cost of a full time IT professional and/or would rather focus their money and efforts on their core business.

Unfortunately, all too often, outsourcing professional IT services is either priced too high or is focused on meeting the needs of the multi-national corporation. World Connect® Consulting Services meets your needs – on time and on budget.

World Connect® Services Pro will has been designed to appeal to smaller organizations who do not have the full spectrum of in-house IT expertise but still want to enjoy the many benefits of having their own IT experts at hand.
World Connect® Consulting Services specializes in the consulting, design, installation and support of small to mid-size organizations. We support both Apple® Macintosh® and Microsoft® Windows® based computer infrastructures. World Connect® Consulting Services has a particular specialization in the integration of email, groupware, database information, audio, video, text, the Internet using both wireless and wired connectivity.

As part of our full service approach to your communications needs World Connect® Consulting Services and its partners provide high quality Ethernet installation service for 10BT, 100BT and 1000BT (Gigabit) networks.


World Connect® Consulting Services takes a down to earth approach to our business. We understand that you want delivered solutions so that you can get on with your business and not spend time becoming an IT expert. Perhaps most importantly we will take the technology and computer jargon out of our conversation for a less 'techie' approach to your computer and network requirements. We provide you with the straight information so that you can make informed decisions – quickly.

Please contact World Connect® via email at info@worldconnect.com for more information.

World Connect® always strives to provide its customers with value in each of its service and product offerings.



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