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In & Out Board
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In & Out Board™ is a RAD utility that allows users to Sign In or Out of their email system allowing other users to easily see if they are available and if not when they are returning, view any notes and any contact information.

See Who is Available at a Glance:

A check indicates the person is in and an X shows they are out. If there are notes avaialbel a red flag will appear in the Notes column. (No notes are indicated in htis example.)

Sign Out Quickly and Easily:

To Sign Out a user quickly selects from a list of destinations. The Return Date and Time make use of the calendar feataures.

Easy Administration:

Adminstration is as easy as assigning a user to the In&Out Privilege Group. Users can be deleted from the group by double clicking thier name in the Administrative panel.

Internet Server
RAD 2.0 installed
1. Download In & Out Board™ installer
2. Shut down Mail Server
3. Launch the Password.exe installer
4. When prompted, insure that the path to your post office is correct.
5. Start Mail Server

How to look up a user’s password information:
1. Open In & Out Board™ on the Administrator’s desktop.
2. Enter the User ID for which you wish to find the associated password.
3. Click on 'Get' to retrieve the password information.

If you enter an incorrect User ID the Application will error in the password field. You cannot lookup the password for the Administrator's account.

This product may not be sold, or repackaged for sale with other products or services, or be charged for in any manner without the expressed written permission of World Connect Inc. In&Out™ is offered on an as is basis without warranty or obligation by World Connect Inc.

Please contact World Connect® via email at info@worldconnect.com for more information.

RAD Utility Subscription Service (RUSS)
GateWay Pro®

Some of our GateWay Pro® utility products are based on a Rapid Application Develoment Environment. These products are avaialble through a yearly subscription service (RUSS) that is designed to ensure that you receive all of our powerful utilities as soon as they are available and at a considrable cost savings.

Each of our RAD utlities is priced at $99.00 but you get three utilities a ($297.00 value) with a one year RUSS for just $199.00 - that is like getting one utility for FREE!

All-In-One Option
GateWay Pro®

macOS or Windows operating system* plus three (3) GateWay Pro® applications or utilities designed to add functionality to FirstClass® for a bundle price of $1,995 plus applicable taxes.
* Email for actual technical specifications.

How do I order my GateWay Pro® solution?

World Connect® always strives to provide its customers with value in each of its service and product offerings.

Please contact World Connect® via email at info@worldconnect.com for more information.



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